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I get to work with so many talented vendors across France, catching up with them year after year is such a great part of my job. So, what better way to get to know them a little better and sharing what they know with you, than blogging about it!?

I chatted with the talented Alexia Bigaud-Morin, a destination wedding hair an makeup artist based in France. Alexia travels all over the world making brides feel their best on their special day!

Take a look at some of the useful tips that Alexia has shared to help you find your perfect makeup artist!

Take a look at Alexi’s website here and follow her adventures on Instagram here!



1. Alexia, you’re on such an amazing journey, how did it all begin?

Hi Katy, thanks for having me here 🙂

So, I’ve always been into makeup and beauty. But when I was working at Sephora I realized how much I loved doing makeup on other women. Once you know how to make the best of your features it’s very empowering.

After 3 years as part of the makeup team and thousands of « You should come to do my makeup every morning » I decided to quit and I flew to London to learn hair and makeup.

And the rest is history 🙂

2. Tell us how you manage to book such amazing clients? (word of mouth? Instagram? etc)

I come from a business background, before everything, I did a business school and I know how important it is to determine your ideal client.

So each time I post something on social media I check that it will resonate with my ideal client.

After a few years of practice I now attract my dream clients  and I’m so grateful for that !

It’s a win win really because people book you for what you are best at – in my case natural and effortless hair and makeup.

Word of mouth also works very well. I focus on building strong relationships with wedding planners and other wedding vendors. Being nice, reliable and a team player basically is crucial. It seems basic but that’s the magic recipe for word of mouth.

Also, Instagram is a game changer. Having a beautiful, polished and informative website is important but I often heard that clients decided to book me after checking my Insta. On Instagram you can show your personality, you’re more relatable and future clients get the chance to see who you really are. That’s also how you attract the right people for your business, by showing your true self.

3. What do you love most about your job?

Pampering people, being creative. I’m a girl’s girl ! I feel the happiest when I see that I managed to relax someone by being super gentle with my makeup application. I also live for the fact that with simple tricks I can boost someone’s confidence.  I’m not just there to put a bit of makeup on. I’m here to create a luxurious and exquisite bubble around my clients.






4. What first steps would you recommend to each bride before the wedding?

Take care of your skin and hair ! That’s the key ! Within the year leading up to the wedding get a facial every 6 to 8 weeks, invest in an amazing hair and skincare routine.

Whenever a bride books me I always send a « beauty bible ». The best your skin looks, the less makeup we need. And let’s face it, there’s not even one foundation that is as beautiful as your skin on the market.

5. Do you have a team or work alone?

I don’t have a team, although I’d love to. But for larger bridal parties I often ask for help from other amazing hair and makeup artists.

I’m a team player so whenever this happens I’m very very happy to work alongside someone else 🙂

6. Do you recommend the bride uses you for the whole bridal party?

It depends how many they are and how early they’re willing to start the beauty prep (sometimes I start at 4am).

I generally do a maximum of bride + 3 hair and makeup and I always stay until the ceremony for touch ups.

Otherwise when the bridal party is too large, I ask the bride to book me for makeup only. This way I know I can be quicker and more effective.

7. Tell us what you love to do in your spare time!?

I walk everyday in the woods in front of our house with our little Labrador Leo and mon amoureux Philip.

Back in the days when COVID wasn’t even in our minds I used to play Badminton 2 times a week, I miss it deeply (my thighs miss it too haha).

But my favorite thing ever is to watch a rugby game with  my best friends and a beer in my hand. This is something I’ll never take for granted anymore.

8. What’s your most listened to track in your music library right now!?

Anything from Angèle ! She’s a belgian singer, she has the most beautiful voice. If you don’t know her, you’re missing something. The rhythm of her songs and the lyrics (when you speak french) are great too !

9. Tell us 5 places you’d LOVE to work!?

Being a wedding vendor means that I get the chance to work in the most beautiful places. I’ll never get bored of it !

10. Do you have any special tips for brides searching for their perfect makeup artist?

  • Check the insta profile – do you seem to be on the same vibe ? Does this makeup artist look friendly ? Is his/her style matching your personal tastes ?
  • Check their availability in advance if you wanna book the hair and makeup artist of your dreams ! A year/year and a half is good 🙂
  • When you contact the mua, give as many details as possible. How many makeups ? Hairstyles ? Time of ceremony ? Etc… You can even send inspo pictures right away so you can both see if you are a great match ! I personally don’t like doing over the top hairstyles or makeup so when I’m asked these kinds of styles I give the future brides the Insta handle of someone who’s amazing at doing very pincessy looks.
  • Enjoy the process ! Organizing your wedding should be fun ! Surround yourself with kind and fun vendors that will make your dream wedding happen !We’re all a team on a wedding day so you should choose your mua according to their style but also according to their personality. The makeup application is a very intimate process so you don’t wanna be stuck for 2 hours with someone you don’t particularly like.


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