A Beautiful and intimate Le Manoir Du Bout Du Pont wedding near Eymet in the South West of France.

A truly stunning venue set in the rolling vineyards on the border between the Dordogne and the Lot-et-Garonne.

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing Amy and Nathan’s South of France wedding near Agnac in the Dordogne region. Just look at that blue sky!

When Amy got in touch and mentioned that her and Nathan were planning their Le Manoir du Bout du Pont wedding, I was so excited, set in the most beautiful surroundings of rolling countryside, on the edge of a quaint, sleepy village; Le Manoir du Bout du Pont is the perfect venue for a destination wedding. The beautifully restored 16th century chateau offers newly engaged couples everything they could possibly want in a wedding venue, with the swimming pool tucked away in the garden and the Pigeonnier often used as the perfect spot to say ‘I do’.

Getting back to Le Manoir time and time again means that I get to see all of my favourite wedding suppliers…making it feel like a reunion! This time I had the pleasure of working with the amazing videography duo Kitty and Ash from To Have and To Hold Films – it was going to be a good day!

Amy and Nathan had travelled all the way from Australia with half of their guests coming with them and the other half from London, they knew that the best reason to have a destination wedding in France was that it offered a perfect opportunity for catching up with those loved ones they hadn’t seen in so long, eating great food and drinking great wine! Like so many wedding venues in France, Le Manoir du Bout du Pont offers the entire venue for the whole week.

What a week that would be…with the perfectly restored interior, the house makes you feel at home. The kind of place you could move straight into and feel immediately relaxed.

Amy and Nathan opted for a humanist ceremony, officiated by the brilliant Sandy who, as always, has the guests giggling and crying throughout. It really was the most beautiful ceremony, tucked neatly beside the Pigeonnier overlooking the stunning Dordogne countryside, all with the gentle hum of their favourite music playing in the background. It was perfect!

Shortly after the ceremony, whilst the guests were busy keeping cool in the shade and drinking champagne, we took off for a little walk to get some photos near the house, it was perfect…with Nathan whispering cheeky things into Amy’s ear, I knew these would be some of my favourite photographs.

Next up was the speeches, listening to their closest loved ones tell the sweetest and funniest stories meant it was a wedding to remember – especially the father of the bride’s!  😉

As the guests enjoyed the rest of their desert, we nipped off for five minutes to take advantage of the amazing French golden hour, it was too good to miss, and before long, they were both back with their guests feeling ready for what the night was going to bring…and what a night that was!

Take a look through Amy and Nathan’s stunning Le Manoir du Bout du Pont wedding, and soak up the beauty of this wedding in the South of France.

If you are planning a Le Manoir du Bout du Pont wedding or looking for a wedding photographer in France, or perhaps a destination photographer elsewhere in the World please get in touch and we can have a chat.

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